The meaning and symbol of Knife in dream

The meaning of sword dream, dream dream has real impact and reaction, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dream dream knife organized for you below.  

   Dreaming of the sword often indicates that you will encounter disaster, danger or sharp conflict. Such a dream also reminds you to pay attention to restraining your emotions in the near future, as far as possible to resolve conflicts properly, to avoid further aggravation of the situation or momentary emotional impulses and excessive behavior of people, causing dangerous consequences.

   Women dream of things like knives, daggers, etc. that have a sharp edge, and also symbolize the fear of men and sex.

   Men dream of a knife, which symbolizes the strong side of men, and sometimes even expresses hatred of women.

  The man dreams that he is wearing a knife, which means you are masculine or want to show off his masculinity.

   And if a man dreams that he is very dependent on swords, it means that you are insecure about sex and afraid of impotence.

   Dreamed that the knife was broken, bent or softened, which also implied your worry about sexual ability.

   Dreaming about giving the knife to someone else indicates that you will suffer losses and be hit. If you can clearly recall the recipient, it also implies that you will break up and be hostile to the person in your dream.

   Dream that someone gave you a knife, indicating that you will receive good news.

   Dreamed of receiving a kitchen knife, indicating that income would increase and life would improve.

   The soldier dreamed of the sword, foreshadowing the mission.

  I dreamed that I would cut someone with a knife, and I must pay attention to my health recently, suggesting that you might get sick, decline in health, and get out of control.

   Dreaming of someone committing suicide with a knife indicates that you will have good luck or the enemy will win without a fight.

   Dreaming of being stabbed or cut by a sword, etc., indicates that trouble will pass quickly, you will get unexpected money, things are going well, and business is booming.

  Dreaming to hurt yourself with a knife, sword, axe, etc., also predicts that you will have good luck and get unexpected gains.

   Dreamed that there was blood on the knife or you were stabbed and bleed, and it also indicates that there is wealth and luck, and you will get an unexpected harvest.

  But if you dream of being injured by a sword, but there is no bleeding, it indicates that you will have trouble at work, and it will be uncomfortable and annoying.

   dreamed that stirring things with a knife indicates that you will be in conflict with others.

   Dreaming about sharpening, indicates that you can overcome difficulties.

   Dreaming of a blunt knife indicates that you will work hard and low-paying jobs.

   Dreamed that opening a switchblade or folding knife indicates that you will encounter legal troubles when you enter.