The meaning and symbol of Pump in dream

The meaning of the pump dream, dreaming that the pump has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream pump below for you to organize.

  Dream sees the pump, heralds the energy and the perseverance which you devote to the career, lets you obtain the wealth which you desire; This dream also heralds the health of the body.

   Dreaming of a broken pump indicates that the family is overburdened and makes life difficult; whether it is a married or unmarried person, this dream implies exhaustion.

   Dreaming that you are operating the pump indicates that you will be engaged in a career you like and pay off well.

   Dreamed that the pump was broken, which indicates that your recent ability and technology have been tested. You may be pointed out that your small flaws will make you feel a little frustrated, but it is good and bad to accept others’ advice humbly.

  Dream seeing the water from the pump indicates her heavy workload in the near future. In order to complete a project that is too strong, you can easily make the people around you have an aggressive feeling.

  I dreamed that the pump was repaired by your boyfriend, which indicates that you have a strong communication ability in recent days, and can easily persuade others in certain aspects, which is a good time to display your personal eloquence.