The meaning and symbol of ATM in dream

The meaning of cash machine dreams, dreams about cash machines have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanations of the dream cash machines that are organized for you below.   

   Dreaming of a 24-hour self-service bank, or a cash machine, usually reminds you to earn money, avoid speculation and do not expect unexpected wealth.

   Dreaming about withdrawing money means that I will find the other half and will get married soon.

   Women dream of withdrawing money, which means that something will happen in life and will use a lot of money.

   Men dream of withdrawing money, which indicates that the recent financial luck is very good, and there will be a lot of money income.

   The businessman dreamed of withdrawing money, implying that the business would fall into a decline, and there would be losses in money.

   dreamed of going to the bank to save money, so with the increase in wealth in life, life will become richer and richer.