The meaning and symbol of Watch in dream

The meaning of watch dreams, dreams about watches have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreams watch for you to organize below.

  The dream watch has a meaning similar to a clock. But in addition to this, according to the traditional point of view of dream interpretation, there are some different meanings.

   Dreaming about watches indicates that your bad speculation will bring you benefits.

   Dreaming of looking at the watch indicates that you will struggle against some things but you will eventually lose to your opponent, making all your efforts futile.

   Dreamed of breaking a watch, symbolizing that distress will accompany you, or cause you unnecessary losses.

  I dreamed that the crystal on the watch cover was missing, indicating that the transaction could not proceed smoothly due to your care.

   For a woman who is rich, dreaming of losing a watch, symbolizing the chaos of family life will make you extremely unhappy.

  Dreaming a watch in your dream means that you will face a terrible opponent who is trying to discredit your reputation.

   Dreaming about giving a watch as a gift indicates that when you are actively seeking low-level fun, your wealth will gradually wither.

   dreamed of wearing a watch on his wrist, implying that he might experience ups and downs in his career.

  Pregnant women dream about watches, which may imply that the delivery will not be smooth, but in the end it will not hurt.

   The businessman dreamed of the watch, and it may also indicate that he would go out.

   Dreaming that the watch stopped, it may indicate that the work or academic will face setbacks and experience a period of stagnation.