The meaning and symbol of Bass drum in dream

The meaning of big drum dreams, dreaming of big drums has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming big drums that are organized for you below.   

   Dreaming of the big drum, expressing your personality and kindness, you will have a way to resolve the current situation of quarrels and suspicions.

   I heard a rapid drumbeat in my dream, indicating that my friend in the distance is in trouble and is calling for your support.

   I dreamed of playing gongs and drums. When there is noisy disputes around you or wherever you go, you will join the debate and even get involved in violent incidents. You should be cautious about words and deeds.

   The girl dreamed that she would beat the gong and drum, and she would get married immediately.

   The married woman dreamed of hitting a gong and drums and would be pregnant and have children.

   dreamed that someone was knocking on the gong and drums in front of his house, and someone at home wanted to have a son.

Zhougong stock market

   All dreams are not limited to musical instruments. When the stock price is high, it will fall. When the price is low, the stock price is the lowest price on the day, which is about to climb.