The meaning and symbol of cash in dream

The meaning of cash dreams. Dreaming about cash has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about cash organized below for you.  

   dreamed that he had a lot of cash, but all of them were lent out, indicating that people think you are rich, but those who are close to you find you to be a merciless person.

  The young woman dreamed that she was spending the borrowed money, indicating that her deception would be discovered, so she would lose a friend she cherished.

   Dream about money, money, money is a symbol of wealth.

  Dreamed that losing money would lose economic resources.

   Dreaming about getting money will make the business prosperous.

Case analysis of dreaming about cash

  Dream description: Because of doing business, I have to deal with money every day, so I also dream about cash or something when I dream. At that time, I dreamed that I was going to an order meeting. I was going to take the check away, but the staff members brought a lot of cash from the bank, which was too inconvenient to pick up. (Male, 33 years old)

  Analysis of dreams: The meaning of cash dreams varies according to the number. Dreaming that you have a lot of cash means that you really want to be a wealthy person. This dream means that only struggle can achieve success. Dreaming that you have a certain amount of cash indicates that you are a hard-working person.

   But the dream is not cash but checks, depending on the circumstances. Dreaming that you accept other people’s cheques means you can receive payment in return. I dreamed that I was writing a check for payment, and I was telling you to focus on your career. Dreaming of an empty check reminds you to beware of scams.