The meaning and symbol of credit card in dream

The meaning of the credit card dream, dreaming that the credit card has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream credit card for you to organize below. 

  Credit card refers to the bank card that the bank has added a small credit overdraft function based on the bank card user. Credit card overdraft must be returned within a month or longer and there will be a small amount of interest. Credit card overdraft limit is related to credit. In dreams, credit cards often represent issues of fame and trust.

   Dreaming of using a credit card, implying that you have to be careful to prevent people close to you from deceiving you, or concealing the truth from you, and causing you trouble.

  If you dream of a credit card overdraft, it usually implies that you are aware of your lack of ability and reminds you to work harder.

   dreamed that he had applied for a credit card, indicating that his funds would be difficult.

   dreamed that he was unable to return the credit card, saying that he would work hard to get a chance for promotion and salary increase.

   Dreamed of canceling credit cards, heralds a huge change in his living environment, and the economic situation will improve later.