The meaning and symbol of purse in dream

The meaning of the money bag dream, dreaming that the money bag has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream money bag for you to organize below.  

   Men dream of giving wallets to others, it is auspicious;

   Dreaming about stealing someone else’s wallet indicates that the dreamer will be respected by people;

   dreamed of giving his wife a bulging wallet that her wife would give birth to a boy;

   The businessman dreamed of giving a wallet to a friend, indicating that the dreamer would open a new business point;

  Businessmen dream of empty wallets, reminding dreamers of the need to change the way of business;

   Dreaming about forcibly grabbing someone else’s wallet means that the dreamer will be prosperous;

   The girl dreamed of getting a wallet full of money for her lover, which meant that the dreamer and lover would soon become partners;

   A woman dreaming of an empty wallet means that the dreamer will love her husband more, and the husband will love her more sincerely;

  The man dreamed of a bulging wallet, indicating that all aspects can be successful;

  The woman dreams of a bulging wallet, which indicates that the dreamer will betray her husband;

  The staff dreamed of an empty wallet, suggesting that the salary will be reduced temporarily in the near future;

   Dreaming about getting a wallet full of money from others, reminding the dreamer that he has left out his friends recently, and he must contact his emotions frequently;

   Dreaming about giving the enemy a wallet means that the dreamer will surrender to the enemy;

  The woman dreamed of taking someone else’s wallet, and her husband would not like her;

  Dreaming that the wallet is lost, it indicates that the dreamer will soon buy a house and land;

   Dreaming that the boss gave himself an empty wallet, reminding the dreamer to pay attention to the way of communication and communication with the boss;

   Dreamed that the wallet was taken away, implying that the interpersonal relationship will decline recently, and some disputes may occur. At this time, it is absolutely necessary to invite a third party to appear as a fair person;

   Dreaming of a small wallet full of coins, suggesting that the dreamer’s behavior is a bit uncomfortable;

   Dreaming about worn wallets, reminding dreamers of the need to change their appearance and make themselves look new;

   Dream that the wallet needs to be repaired, reminding the dreamer that it may break some money in the near future, and pay attention to prevention;

   Dreaming about expensive brand-name wallets indicates that the dreamer needs a more charming image and also heralds the desire of the dreamer to show his status in public.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream commentary: Money bags are generally used to store coins and valuables. Dreaming about the money bag means something very valuable in itself. Picking up the money bag almost means you have picked up valuables. Losing the money bag means you are careless and careless.

   Psychological analysis: The contents of the purse are of great value. Dreams often give you a joke and provide him with a pattern that is not suitable. You should analyze it carefully.

  Spiritual symbol: From the spiritual point of view, the purse means to preserve energy, it also means the originality of women.