The meaning and symbol of ruby in dream

The meaning of the ruby ​​dream, dreaming of ruby ​​has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming ruby ​​to help you organize below.

   Dreaming of ruby ​​indicates that you will be lucky in your career or love.

   The woman dreamed of losing a ruby, indicating that she would gradually look down on her lover.

   Dreaming about gems is a symbol of auspicious wishfulness and gain.

   Dreaming about buying gems means that one’s own calculations may be robbed.

   Men dream of losing gems, which means that the disaster will go away from them.

  The woman dreamed of wearing gemstone jewelry, suggesting that the dreamer’s maiden would hold a wedding.

   Dreamed of a colorless gem, implying that a boy will be born, otherwise, a girl will be born.

   dreamed of a gleaming gem, suggesting that he would make a fortune.

   Dreaming of ruby, expressing emotional devotion and passionate love.

   Dreaming of sapphire usually means happy life and happy love. If you dream of losing sapphire, it indicates that love will encounter twists and turns.

   Dreaming of emeralds indicates good luck.

  Women dream of gemstones, indicating good luck, happy life, and happy love.

   Men dream of gemstones, suggesting that there will be bad luck and may suffer losses or even be framed.

   The married woman dreamed that she was wearing gemstone jewelry. Someone in her family might want to get married and have a happy event.

  The man dreamed of buying gemstones. He should be careful of robbers recently, suggesting that he might encounter robbery and theft, and the economic losses will be serious.

   The man dreamed that he had lost a gemstone, foreshadowing the worries or disasters to leave, and good luck soon.

  The thief robber dreamed of stealing precious stones and jewellery, indicating that he would be in prison.