The meaning and symbol of Ancient coins in dream

The meaning of the ancient coin dream, dreaming that the ancient coin has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the ancient coin that helps you organize below.

   Dreamed of ancient coins, good luck, income has improved.

   People who are looking for work dream about ancient coins and will find work soon.

  Workers dream of ancient coins, positions will be promoted or salary increased.

  Businessmen dream of ancient coins, and doing business will make a lot of money.

   Dreaming of copper money means physical torture and psychological frustration, or someone with more authority than you exerts pressure on you.

   dreamed of picking up copper coins, hoping to get a promotion or economic improvement. But in reality it is not necessarily obtained.

Case analysis of dreaming about ancient coins

Dream description: I dreamed of picking up ancient coins in a river at the head of our village last night. At the beginning, I saw fragments of copper coins on the bank. I went down to the river and there was silt. I picked it up in the silt to see if it was Picked up three or four pieces of the half piece of iron, and then threw it and went downstream. The lower reaches are all small broken stones. A copper coin was picked up in a cascade. The words on it are unknown in ancient times. There are engraved flowers below the words. On the reverse are the same symbols, and they are especially good. I feel very happy. Afterwards, I saw another stone tablet with words inscribed on it, like something recorded, with my name. I took out the camera and wanted to take a picture and study it carefully. As a result, the two handsome men messed up to block the stone tablet. I only took the upper part. I got angry, let them go to the side, and then took the part that was not taken. (Female, unmarried, stable job)

   Recently watched costume dramas and some treasure appraisal programs, did you think about it every day? Or do you mean so dreaming?

  Dream analysis: people who work dream about ancient coins, their positions will be promoted or their salaries will be improved. Because you are watching the appraisal program, it will be expressed in the dream in the form of ancient coins.