The meaning and symbol of Imperial jade seal in dream

The meaning of Yuxi dream, dreaming that Yuxi has realistic influences and reactions, but also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming Yuxi for you to sort out below.

Dreaming of Yuxi means wealth, so don’t be greedy for money.

Case analysis of dreaming about Yuxi

  【Dream example 1】

Dream description: Someone put me in a chocolate loan and I don’t know. But the chocolate was eaten by my friends, and I ate it myself, and some of it was left. I brought it home before someone asked me if I found jade seal. But I don’t know where to put it

Dream analysis: Dream is a subconscious reaction, that is, the appearance of desire deep in your heart. Sharing chocolate with your friends shows that you may be a person who values ​​your friends in reality, but this jade seal also implies that you do not want others in your heart. Get or don’t want to share with others. Someone in your dream family asked you about the whereabouts of Yuxi, which is actually a reflection of your own self on your own behavior. You are very anxious in your dreams. In response to reality, it should be that you may have something that you don’t want to disclose and be very private. You may feel anxious because others fear it.

  【Dream example 2】

Dream description: Last night, I dreamed that I was in a Jiangnan water town, a grandfather from the Qing Dynasty, gave me a piece of ancient jade, and told me to take it away. I took it out and looked at the jade inscribed with the seal script under the sun. The content is unknown. It is the kind of jade with four colors of Fulu Shouxi. It is very transparent and full of water. Underneath the gold rim… facing the sunlight, you can see the golden species in the middle of the jade.

Dream analysis: dreaming that the jade seal is auspicious, indicating that your wealth is very good, but at the same time, you must also be reminded that there is a way to seek wealth.

Dreaming of Yuxi. The five elements are golden and earth. As long as you have a significant improvement in your fortune in your life, and there are more signs of being promoted to make money for officials, you must seize the opportunity and never give it to others.

For single women who have this dream, many masters will have good luck in their careers, and you will also get help from the opposite sex in your career, but you will have good opportunities. If you are in a critical decision period of your career, your career will be more successful. And the decisions you make in your career are also good. Auspicious dreams of spring, unlucky dreams of autumn.

Married women can get this dream at work can help their loved ones, and you are also a virtuous person. You know how to take care of your family in your family life. I want to dream that your husband will have a big change in career

Single men get this dream, Lord you will have a good relationship with others in your career, and your abilities will also be reflected. Many people who have this dream have good things.

Married men have this dream and there are obvious signs of being promoted to prosperity, and increasing income will also have a good impact on your life.