The meaning and symbol of Night Pearl in dream

The meaning of the night pearl dream, dreaming that night pearl has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the night dream pearl that helps you organize below.  

  Night Pearl is a precious treasure, because it can be particularly precious because it can have a lighting effect at night. Dreaming about the night pearl in a dream symbolizes the reality in my heart is difficult, but it has hope. The other symbolizes greed.

   Man dreams of the Pearl of the Night, an ominous sign, and bad luck.

  Women dream of the night pearl, life will be happy.

   The man dreamed that if he bought Night Pearl, his property would be lost.

   The woman dreamed of wearing the night pearl and would soon get married.

   Dreaming of picking up Pearl of the Night indicates that he will encounter bad things.

   dreamed that the night night pearl was very bright, indicating that his career would be accomplished and the family would be very happy.

   Dreaming about the damage of the Pearl of the Night indicates that there will be a lot of setbacks in the near future.

  Dreamed that a false night pearl was identified, indicating that his life will be more painful, but his heart is more cheerful.

   dreamed that a stone became a pearl of night, indicating that he would expand new business and solve the current dilemma.