The meaning and symbol of Counterfeit money in dream

Counterfeit money The meaning of counterfeit money dreams, dreaming about counterfeit money Counterfeit money has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the counterfeit money counterfeit money for you.

  Dream counterfeit money means you will have a conflict with a hypocrite who is not worth making.

   This dream means bad luck. If you don’t want to be unlucky, you have to find a way to avoid it.

   Dream about counterfeit banknotes, there will be many employment opportunities, but because they are not competent, all efforts are futile.

   Dreaming that you spend fake banknotes or hand over fake coins to others, it implies that you are deceiving others, or that you are unwilling to reveal your truth to others.

  The man dreamed of picking up fake money, reminding you to find money-making ideas if you are willing to use your brains.

   Dreaming about picking up fake money means that you will find surprises in life after hard work.

   Pregnant women dream of picking up fake money, indicating that your birth is about to come and will give birth to a healthy baby.