The meaning and symbol of amethyst in dream

The meaning of the dream of purple gemstones. Dreaming about purple gemstones has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming purple gemstones for you to sort out below.

  The woman dreams of purple gems and auspicious signs, indicating that love will go well.

   Men dream of purple gemstones, there will be bad news.

   Men dream of buying purple gemstones, indicating that their property will be damaged.

  Since history, gems have been a symbol of power. In the primitive society, humans have begun to wear gems—the Egyptian mummies’ funerary items include beautiful gem necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. In mythology, gems are guarded by dragons, pythons, or various other monsters.

  Gems mean doom to men. The so-called innocence of the common man and the guilt of bibi, according to the traditional saying, is that a man can’t control a gem and will suffer it.

   Men dream of gemstones, suggesting that there will be bad luck and may suffer losses or even be framed.

  Women dream of gemstones, indicating good luck, happy life, and happy love.

   The married woman dreamed that she was wearing gemstone jewelry. Someone in her family might want to get married and have a happy event.

  The man dreamed of buying gemstones. He should be careful of robbers recently, suggesting that he might encounter robbery and theft, and the economic losses will be serious.

   The man dreamed that he had lost a gemstone, foreshadowing the worries or disasters to leave, and good luck soon.

  The thief robber dreamed of stealing precious stones and jewellery, indicating that he would be in prison.

   If you dream of a colorless gemstone, it implies that a boy will be born, otherwise, a girl will be born.

   If you dream of glittering gemstones, you will make a fortune.

   Dreaming of ruby, expressing emotional devotion and passionate love.

   Dreaming of sapphire usually means happy life and happy love. If you dream of losing sapphire, it indicates that love will encounter twists and turns.

   Dreaming of emeralds indicates good luck.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream explanation: If gems play a major role in dreams, then they almost always mark the things you value. They may be personal characters and characteristics, such as purity, perfection, authenticity, reliability, and even include the core content of personal endurance. As long as people understand what they seek, they will know the value of these things, understand their environment and possible experience, and so on. If you try to go up the mountain or enter the cave to find gems, it means that you are tempering yourself, hoping to establish a good character for yourself in order to achieve future development. If you count gems in your dreams and try to value them, it means you still need time to think.

  Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, gems and their explanations can promote human development and have a positive meaning.