The meaning and symbol of Buy wallet in dream

The meaning of the dream of buying a wallet, dreaming about buying a wallet has realistic influences and reactions, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream to buy a wallet to help you organize below.

   dreamed that buying a wallet, auspicious, is a sign of fortune.

   Dreaming about the wallet means that one of your plans is not considered, and some accidents are prone to happen.

  Dream to see that there is money in your wallet, implying that you do not need money now, you may even get money, even if there is no money, you will get support when you are short of money

  Dream that there are other valuables in the wallet means that things related to moral cultivation should pay attention to their own behavior.

  The man dreamed of a bulging purse, which could be successful in every aspect.

  The woman dreams of a bulging wallet and will betray her husband.

  The thief dreamed that a wallet full of money would be punished.

  A woman dreaming of an empty wallet will love her husband more, and her husband will love her more sincerely.

  The staff dreamed of an empty wallet and the salary would decrease.

   The businessman dreamed of an empty wallet, the bad luck is coming.

   dreamed of getting a wallet full of money from someone else, and friends would betray.

  The woman dreamed of taking someone else’s wallet, and her husband would not like her.

  The girl dreamed of getting a wallet full of money for her lover, and she would soon become a partner.

   Dreamed that the boss gave himself an empty wallet and would be fired.

   Dreaming about giving someone a wallet is auspicious.

   dreamed of giving his wife a bulging wallet, the wife would give birth to a boy.

   Dreaming of giving the enemy a wallet will surrender to the enemy.

   Dreaming about giving a friend a wallet will open up a new business point.

   Dreaming about stealing someone else’s wallet will be respected by people.

  I dreamed that my wallet was lost and would soon buy a house.

   Dreaming of forcibly grabbing someone else’s wallet, will be prosperous.

   Dreaming of an empty money box, the business will lose money, and the wealth will be infamous.

   Dreaming about the iron box full of money means being rich, and the purpose and desire can be realized.