The meaning and symbol of coin in dream

The meaning of coin dreams, dreams about coins have realistic influences and reactions, and there are subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanations of dreams about coins sorted out for you below.

Dreaming about gold coins indicates a prosperous life, a prosperous career, or a hobby of traveling, and you will get a lot of fun from traveling.

Dreaming of silver coins indicates that there may be conflicts between family members or career twists and turns.

If the silver coin in the dream feels very new and shiny, it may also imply that someone you trust will betray you.

Dreamed of accepting silver coins, indicating that the economic situation is not good.

The woman dreamed that her lover gave her a silver coin, suggesting that she might be abandoned.

Dreaming of copper coins implies that the body and mind will be tortured. For example, someone with more power may put pressure on you.

Dreaming of nickel coins indicates that you have to work hard, but if you are very happy in your dream, or dreaming that you have many nickel coins, it means that you will achieve satisfactory results through labor.