The meaning and symbol of wealth in dream

The meaning of the dream of wealth, dreaming about wealth has realistic influences and reactions, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming wealth for you to organize below.

There is a lot of wealth in the dream, which indicates that you will experience sorrow and sorrow.

The rich man dreamed of getting wealth, which was auspicious, and he was lucky.

The poor dreamed of getting wealth, they would have nothing, and they would be hungry and cold.

The woman dreamed of getting wealth, and she was about to give birth soon.

Businessmen dream of getting wealth, business will be more prosperous.

Dreaming that people with bad conduct or thieves get wealth will be arrested and punished.

Dreaming that the consumption of relatives and friends’ wealth is an ominous sign and will lose the help of others.

Dreaming of enemies spending all their time and enjoying, is auspicious, and can defeat enemies.

Dreamed that inheriting the property was auspicious, and found a good job.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: dreaming about wealth means you have a lot of content you need. You may have a very tense (struggling) life experience and have to work hard for a certain goal. The new wealth that appears now shows that you have achieved your purpose.

Psychological analysis: Wealth and reputation are always closely connected. If your reputation is not good, you may have a dream about wealth. However, this kind of dream also refers to your existing financial resources, or represents the financial resources you have recaptured from others. You have the ability to get information from your experience and feelings, and motivate yourself to gain many benefits.

Spiritual symbol: A rich spiritual knowledge is expected to be mastered. The wealth in your dreams implies the abilities you have.

Case analysis of dreaming about wealth

Dream description: In the dream, I seem to be attending a meeting. The person in charge of the meeting said that people who participated in the meeting should report their assets in order to sort out their wealth. Many people who wanted to sign up. I thought about my asset grate, so I didn’t sign up. (Male, 26 years old)

Analysis of dreams: Dreams about wealth, in general, are a symbol of luck and wishful thinking. The small wealth in the dream represents happiness and happiness, but the big wealth is empty-handed. Dreaming that you have a small savings means that your life is happy. Dreaming that you have a lot of wealth is a contrary dream.