The meaning and symbol of Broken shoes in dream

The meaning of the dream of broken shoes, dreams of broken shoes have realistic influences and reactions, and there are subjective imaginations of the dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation below for the dreams of broken shoes.

The dream and explanation about “dreaming about broken shoes”:

Original: Shoes broken offspring wives concubine disease

Moral: Dreaming about broken shoes means that the family is susceptible to disease.

I dreamed that my shoes were broken or broken, and the kicking head or the heel were exposed, indicating that your loved one will catch the cold, but fortunately it is not very serious, so do n’t worry too much, just see a doctor for a medicine , Just rest more

Dreamed of wearing old shoes, the unlucky day will come.

Dreaming of broken shoes implies that the family is susceptible to diseases. Take off new shoes, men take off new shoes, must pay good luck. Married women take off new shoes, and wives will fall in love with each other. Unmarried women take off their new shoes and will marry a generous, intelligent and capable man. Unmarried men take off their new shoes and it won’t take long for them to get love from their lovers. Buy shoes, buy shoes, and soon travel, businessmen buy shoes, business will flourish.

It is not easy to walk when your shoes are broken. Your dream reflects your subconscious mind, indicating that you are confused about your future or that there is one thing that makes you very entangled.