The meaning and symbol of Cap in dream

The meaning of the cap dream, dreaming that the cap has a realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the following detailed explanation of the dream cap for you.

Dreaming of the cap, heralds that the enemy will sue you, bring you a disastrous effect, be careful of those titles.

Dreaming of the cap, the five elements of the main body, Mizuki, is a talented and capable performance. If you have the skill of cooperation between the dreamer and others, you will become a skill, and if you do n’t have enough technical skills to fight alone, it will become an obstacle to your career.

The dream of being a single man is that you have nobles to help you in your career, and your ability is extremely critical. You must not be lax when working with others. Negotiations with others also need to be honest. Those who have this dream are auspicious in the spring dream and unlucky in the summer dream.

Married men get this dream, it is how much you have the ability to show in your career, and the negotiation between you and others trusts each other, the career is a step forward.

The test taker dreams of this, I wish you a significant improvement in your academic performance, and become the leader of the team or career leader, and your own higher requirements for the career is your opportunity to be talented in your career.