The meaning and symbol of mascot in dream

The meaning of mascot dream, dreaming that mascot has realistic influence and reaction, but also the subjective imagination of dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming mascot to help you organize below.

The mascot is auspicious, and it has much meaning in the dream.

A single woman dreams of a mascot. It’s an expression of affection. There are people you really like, each other is sincere, and the relationship can progress for a long time. If the other person’s words and manners in the relationship will affect your judgment, you need to break the relationship as soon as possible.

A single male dreaming of a mascot is a sign of wealth and fortune. Men in business or service industries are more likely to gain the favor of others. The promotion of customers by you is the key to gaining more wealth.

Married women dream that the mascot is not in harmony with their lover. There are signs of dependence on others. It is necessary to handle the relationship of the lover with caution. It is inevitable that there will be quarrels with each other in the relationship, such as empathy.

Married men dream of mascots are unhappy things in life. Although they have simple ideas, the negative emotions they leave when negotiating with others are very serious. How bad the handling of human beings is.