The meaning and symbol of shorts in dream

The meaning of shorts dreams, dreams about shorts have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreams shorts organized for you below.

Businessmen dream of shorts, business will be very happy.

Dreaming about shorts for officials, they will add officials to the lord.

Case analysis of dream shorts

Dream description: In my dream, it seems that I am going to sleep, lying on the bed, and suddenly found an unopened shorts next to the closet. I walked over to see it, but it was a cotton shorts, light blue. I thought to myself, who was so careless and left the new shorts in the hotel. (Male, 32 years old)

Dream analysis: the shorts in the dream represent human desires and feelings. Men dream about shorts, which represents sex, indicating that there is a sexual desire in your heart, which indicates that you will have a very happy time. Women dream about shorts, which represents love. It shows that your heart is full of desire for love, and it indicates that you will have a true love life. Feelings and sex are due in life, but don’t spend your mind on it.

Dreaming about shorts, multi-masters will have good luck in their careers. It is because your own ability can be recognized by others. There can be obvious signs of improvement in your career. It is important to keep learning.

Single woman dream master You can have good luck in feelings, feelings may encounter falling in love. And your perseverance in your career will eventually win you good luck in your career. If you have not paid for others in your career, then you are more uncomfortable in your career. The success of the dream is not smooth.

The dream of a single man, the Lord will have smooth negotiations with others in your career, and your persistence in your career can escort you emotionally. Never have personal thoughts in your career. If you swallow it privately, there will be many irregularities.

Married women get this dream and the master will show signs of cooperating with others in the career, and the other party is the opposite sex, which will also have a negative impact on your feelings. Do not be careful.