The meaning and symbol of file in dream

The meaning of file dreams, dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams document compiled for you below.

Dreaming about documents is usually a reflection of daily work pressure.

Young women dream of documents, heralding misfortune. If she can destroy these documents, then she will regain the fiance’s love with her own wit.

If you dream of piles of documents, or the prepared documents suddenly become blank, such dreams reflect work pressure and also warn you to find ways to alleviate the anxiety caused by work duties.

Dreaming about file filing indicates that a new time for the dreamer will come. If you dream to find and cannot find a document, it indicates that the dreamer has a business misunderstanding.

Dreaming about folders indicates that the work you will be doing cannot satisfy you, and you will find a new job.

Dreaming about a folder means that you ca n’t use it all at once, and lose sight of it. If you don’t pay any attention to your lover again, be careful that your relationship will change. Work / academic achievements will make you fame and fortune. Promote a plan smoothly, let you put down the big stones in your heart.