The meaning and symbol of script in dream

The meaning of the script dream, dreaming that the script has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the following detailed explanation of the dream script for you.

The young woman dreamed that she would perform a character in a script, indicating that a gentle friend would pursue her. In order to broaden her horizons and seek happiness, she would marry him.

Dreamed that it was difficult to enter the character in the script or come out from the emotional experience of the character, or there was a discordant or ugly lens, indicating that she would face many unfortunate accidents.

Dream that the theater is performing drama, which is a harbinger of happiness and wealth.

Dream to see the tired performance of drama, indicating that you will have to accept unsatisfactory companions in entertainment or private matters.

Dreamed that writing a script would become a scholar and be respected.

The married woman dreamed of being an actor in a play and would be abandoned by her husband.

Men dream of watching drama, you will add extra expenses.

The woman dreamed of watching the drama. Be careful, you will be bullied.

Dreamed that going to the drama with friends, you will be strong and strong.

Dreamed of going to the drama with his wife, the husband and wife live in harmony and happiness.

The businessman dreamed that going to the drama with friends would make the business prosperous.

The girl in love dreams about seeing the drama with her lover, and the two will soon meet.

The married woman dreamed that she became a drama actor and would be abandoned by her husband.

Dream to go to the theater, to express the reunion with friends from afar.