The meaning and symbol of Rice paper in dream

The meaning of rice paper dreams, dreaming that rice paper has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dream rice paper for you to organize below.

The dream of rice paper means love and longing.

The rice paper in your dream is the expression of emotion in your heart.

Dreaming about rice paper, heralding a comfortable life and a healthy and long life.

Dreaming of white rice paper is a good sign.

Unmarried men and women dream of rice paper, indicating that they will get the love of the opposite sex.

Married men and women dream of rice paper, which indicates that they will grow old together and have long love.

Case analysis of dreaming about rice paper

Dream description: I dreamed of a calligrapher, maybe a painter, sitting at a table, I had some rice paper on hand. Because I have practiced brush writing before, it’s not essential. When I met a calligrapher, I also found it very rare, so I took a piece of rice paper to ask for words or painting. He said that a picture of at least 200 yuan, I think it is too expensive. The calligrapher saw me not, and taught me the essentials of writing brush characters, that is, when writing each stroke, he had to pause for a while and personally demonstrate it. His demonstration was very smooth and the writing was very good. I suddenly realized that it seemed to have gained something. He wrote a cross according to his method. Although the writing is not very good, it has made great progress.

Dream analysis: This is a dream to solve worries. There are many unpleasant or uncomfortable things in life, I hope to get help, but I will encounter some conditions, so my heart is more contradictory. In general, it indicates that you will have difficulties in your future life, but as long as you have the confidence and determination, I believe it can be solved.