The meaning and symbol of desk in dream

The meaning of desk dreams, dreaming that the desk has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming desk organized for you below.

Dreaming about a desk or writing desk is on the one hand a reflection of daily work and study. On the other hand, it may remind you to enrich yourself and enrich the spiritual world.

If the desk is closed with drawers, it may also indicate disappointment in business or social experience.

Dreamed that the desk with the drawer open, no matter whether he was sitting at the table or writing at the desk, all foretold that his wish would be fulfilled.

Dreaming about an ordinary desk, the dreamer may be confused in the future of work and career development, thinking about how to grasp the direction of life.

Dreaming of an old-fashioned desk indicates that the dreamer’s mentality is more traditional at this time. Perhaps at this stage, the heart tends to use traditional values, habits, viewpoints to judge and deal with things.

Dreamed of a luxurious large workbench, which indicates that the career development is smooth, and will be promoted or entrusted with heavy tasks. But it may also remind you not to be so tall. Dreaming that you are sitting at someone else’s desk, you may be a little unconfident about your ability.

Dreamed that he was lying on his desk and writing, foreshadowing greater progress in his studies or career.

Dreaming that someone is lying on the desk and writing, it means you can meet mentors and friends.

Dreaming about rummaging on your desk or cleaning your desktop may also indicate that you will make a new and influential friend.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: If you dream of an old-fashioned desk, such as an old school desk or a classical desk, it means that you may return to your previous values, habits or creeds. If you dream of an ordinary desk, it means that you must consider how to better control your life in the future.

Psychological analysis: If you dream that you are sitting at someone else’s desk, it may be an expression of lack of confidence in your ability.

Spiritual symbol: At the spiritual level, the desk reminds people that daily rituals and rules can be an effective way to improve the spiritual realm.

Case analysis of dreaming about desk

Dream description: Probably the reason why I want to go back to my alma mater for a few days. I dreamed that I had returned to my childhood school. I dreamed that I had returned to the classroom, lying on my desk, writing Chinese homework conscientiously, and praised by the teacher. (Female, 23 years old)

Dream analysis: The desk in the dream is a symbol of progress and mentoring. The dream of the desk is the embodiment of the fulcrum in your heart. Dreaming that you are lying on your desk and writing, it indicates that you will make greater progress. Dreaming that someone is lying on the desk and writing, it means that you can meet mentors and friends. If you dream of a chair, it means the improvement of friendship between friends. The chair in your dream shows that you hope to rely on it.