The meaning and symbol of quill pen in dream

Goose feather The meaning of the quill pen dream, dreaming of the quill pen The quill pen has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream quill quill pen organized for you below.

Men dream of goose feathers, etc., can make a fortune in new business.

The woman dreamed that with a quill pen, the gift given by her parents would make her husband richer.

The official dreamed that writing with a quill would continue to rise.

The businessman dreamed that writing with a quill pen would make a lot of money.

The quill pen in the dream is a more typical male symbol than the pen, especially the scene inserted in the ink bottle.

Dreaming about a quill is similar to dreaming about a pen. On the one hand, it may imply male genitalia, on the other hand, it also expresses the male writing and discourse authority. Women’s dreams may also reveal the masculinity in women’s hearts.

In addition to dreaming of writing with a quill pen, it also heralded a new business.

The unemployed person dreams of a quill pen, indicating that he will find a job as a clerk.

The businessman dreamed that he would use a quill pen, and he must be careful to be involved in a lawsuit, beware of being falsely accused, and suffer heavy losses.