The meaning and symbol of Fiction in dream

The meaning of the dream in the novel, the dream has a realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream novel below for you.

Dream about the novel, to make new friends.

Dream to read novels, business and career will be very smooth.

Dream to borrow novels to make new people.

Dreaming about writing novels is auspicious, and being a man will be rich.

Dreaming about talking about novels with others, you will become smart and capable.

The dream of a woman dreaming of sending a novel to her lover is a good sign to get his love.

Students dream of reading novels or buying novels, and the test scores are not satisfactory.

The staff dreamed of using work hours to write novels, there will be salary increases.

Case analysis of dream novels

Dream description: Since I was in school, I have always enjoyed reading novels. The glasses on my nose are the aftereffects of reading novels. I dreamed that I had bought a set of soundtrack novels. As long as I wanted to listen, I put the tape in the recorder and listened to the novels. I am so happy. (Female, 18 years old)

Analysis of dream: The novel in dream is a symbol of social activities and joy. Dreaming about writing novels implies that you will be in trouble or trouble. Dreaming about reading novels shows that your social activities will increase. Dreaming about listening to novels indicates that joy will accompany you.

Is like dreaming of poetry, which represents status and emotion.

Dreaming about prose represents emotion, travel and ease.