The meaning and symbol of Suitcase in dream

The meaning of luggage dream, dreaming that luggage has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming luggage that is organized for you below.

Dreaming of luggage, heralding a journey.

Dreamed that the suitcase was broken, suggesting that the travel plan might be defeated.

Dream about a suitcase, the representative wants to travel.

The student dreams of a suitcase, or a box full of books, which means academic success, such as full of books, it means that you will be admitted to the ideal university.

Dreaming of boxes, ominous signs, indicates bad luck.

The woman dreams of the box, which is a harbinger of breaking money.

Dreaming of an iron box indicates that danger will come.

The businessman dreamed of buying a box, saying that he could remove obstacles and find a way to make a fortune.

The dream box generally symbolizes the inner secret, which reflects the emotions such as self-protection and defense. It may also represent the desire to travel or leave the place.

If you dream of a big box with your beloved things in it, you do n’t want to share your happiness or privacy with others.

Dreamed that if he went to buy a new box, he might have to go far.

Businessmen who have such dreams may have to go far away, even abroad to do business, and make huge profits.

Did you see that you have packed your suitcase, it means you have something to trust others.

Men dream of iron boxes, they may encounter danger, and they should pay special attention to safety in the near future.