The meaning and symbol of Jug in dream

The meaning of the big water tank dream, dreaming that the big water tank has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream water tank for you to organize below.

Dreamed of splashing water from a large jug, indicating abundance.

Dreaming of a big jug indicates her generosity and affinity, and with your hard work, success will come as planned.

Dreaming of a broken or broken jar warns you that your precious friendship is in danger because of your selfishness.

Dreamed of a jug full of water, and was in a good mood.

Dreaming of the patient’s jug, the body will be surrendered.

Dreamed that an empty jug would beg along.

Dreamed of selling jugs, and there was no overnight food at home.

The young man dreamed that the woman would be holding a jug or milk jug, and would marry a woman with a beautiful national fragrance.

Dreaming of an empty jar will make you unhappy.

Dreamed of a jar full of water, life would be rich.

I dreamed that a jar full of milk would be healthy.

Dreamed of a jar with soup medicine, and his body was sick.

Dream to see the iron jar, earning every day, only enough to make ends meet.

Dreaming of new jars will make you famous all over the world.

Dreamed about old and leaking jars, the source of income would be reduced, and the cost of the home would increase.

I dreamed of the jar over my head and had to work hard to survive.

Dreamed that the jar would suddenly roll over and the business would go bankrupt.

Dreamed that filling the jars would improve business.

Dreamed that giving the jar to someone else would be deceived or part of the property lost.