The meaning and symbol of File cabinets in dream

The meaning of the file cabinet dream, dreaming that the file cabinet has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream file cabinet for you to organize below.

Dreamed of filing documents, heralding a new time. If you are looking for and can’t find the documents, it means there is a business misunderstanding.

Dreaming of a closed file cabinet symbolizes legal disputes, and avoid tax evasion.

Dreaming about documents is usually a reflection of daily work pressure.

Young women dream of documents, heralding misfortune. If she can destroy these documents, then she will regain the fiance’s love with her own wit.

If you dream of piles of documents, or the prepared documents suddenly become blank, such dreams reflect work pressure and also warn you to find ways to alleviate the anxiety caused by work duties. ()

I dreamed that I was climbing on the closet, bookcase and other cabinets at home, indicating that you would be promoted and your career developed.

Dream seeing the closet indicates that the dreamer will gain a lot of wealth and be able to live a good life rich in material.

Businessmen dream of the wardrobe, which indicates that the dreamer’s business is booming, and he can earn a lot of money and improve his own living standard.

The patient dreams of the closet, which indicates that the dreamer’s condition will soon get better. There is no need to worry too much. It is important to take good care of the sick.

Dreaming about hiding things in the closet indicates that the dreamer will have some unexpected gains in the near future, such as finding something valuable at home.

The staff dreamed of the closet, indicating that the dreamer will get help from the nobles, and will soon be promoted to a salary increase to experience a better life.

The students dream about the wardrobe, which indicates that the dreamer’s achievements will be recognized by everyone, and they can get some rewards.

Dreaming of an empty wardrobe indicates that the dreamer may be in danger of debt, economic tensions, or a blow to work will reduce income.

Dream to see that locking the closet indicates that the dreamer does not want to be discovered by some of your little secrets, and does not want to be noticed by others.

Dreaming about opening the closet indicates that the dreamer is very popular and can have many friends. In the near future, he may participate in a party organized by some friends.