The meaning and symbol of cosmetic in dream

The meaning of cosmetic dreams, dreaming about cosmetics has realistic influences and reactions, and there are also subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming cosmetics organized for you below.

Dreamed about cosmetics, for men, that his wife would have a daughter. For women, they said that they would have a windfall and that their husband ’s business would be smooth. If the old man has this dream, it means that his long-pressed wish cannot be fulfilled.

Men dream about using or buying men ’s cosmetics, which is also a good metaphor. If they dream about using or buying women ’s cosmetics, they should beware of their reputation and affect their business or career. Reselect the partner.

The woman dreamed that her dressing table was filled with various cosmetics, suggesting that the dreamer was not satisfied with her own economic conditions, status, status or living conditions.

Married woman dreams of other people’s cosmetics, implying that you must be able to have extramarital affairs.

The pregnant woman dreamed that she would get cosmetics, which heralded her beautiful daughter.