The meaning and symbol of light in dream

Lights The meaning of light dreams, dreaming about lights. Lights have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming lights below for you.

Lights often ignite hope in people’s hearts. The lights at home mean happiness and warmth, and the lights in the office mean all night long, full of hope for work and do our best.

Dreaming that the light is on means that in difficult times, friends will bring hope to themselves.

Dreaming of accidentally knocking down the lamp means despair, all hopes are gray.

Dream about the lights in the distance, life will be rich and happy.

Dreamed that the house was brightly lit and would be very rich. Dreaming of dim lights means getting sick.

Dreamed that he was holding the lamp, and all the sorrow and pain would pass.

Dreamed that many people were holding lamps, and they would be well-known.

Dreamed about the light switch many times, which meant that his loved ones were going to die.

Dreaming of unstable lights, bright and dark for a while, means depression and decline.

The light is the light in the dark night, symbolizing the success of the difficult journey.

Dreaming about bright lights at home means that whatever you do will succeed.

The light of the lantern is emitted through the paper, symbolizing the overcoming of difficulties to realize your ideal.

Dreaming of holding a lantern means that all difficulties are only temporary, and finally there must be a solution.

Dreaming of a woman walking towards herself holding a lantern means that the difficulties and problems in the family will be solved, symbolizing abundant food and wealth.

Dreaming that the lantern is extinguished means that the resistance cannot be broken and unfortunately will come.