The meaning and symbol of Chimney in dream

The meaning of the chimney dream, dreaming that the chimney has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming chimney for you to organize below.

Dreamed of a chimney, an outlet for suppressed emotions. The dream of smoke and ash flying represents the outbreak of emotions, symbolizing your long-pressed feelings in real life, released in a flash.

Dreaming of a smoking chimney is a symbol of the emotional overload of the dreamer;

Dreaming that the chimney is high, indicating that the dreamer will achieve extraordinary achievements in the future;

Dreamed that the chimney height was moderate, indicating that the dreamer’s life was safe and sound;

Dreamed that the chimney smoked the curling light smoke, indicating that the dreamer would have a happy event coming around;

Dreamed that there was fire burning in the smoke and dust, indicating that good things would swarm in;

Dreaming that he was hiding in the corner of smoke and dust, indicating that sadness and doubt will haunt the dreamer;

The young girl dreams of falling from the chimney, indicating that the dreamer will do many inappropriate things, which will cause colleagues to panic, reminding the dreamer to think carefully before doing things, and not to act recklessly;

Dreamed that he climbed a chimney to remind the dreamer that someone had set a trap for himself, but the dreamer could successfully escape.