The meaning and symbol of milk in dream

The meaning of the milk dream, dreaming of milk has a realistic impact and response, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of milk for you to organize below.

I dreamed that milk foreshadows luck and harvest, and also symbolizes motherhood and upbringing. From a Western perspective, the milk of dreams is also a symbol of semen.

I dreamed of drinking milk, which means that my health is good, or that the relationship between friends and brothers will be improved. You will develop smoothly with friends you are willing to make, and you will deepen your relationship with your brother or sister in your family.

I dreamed of buying milk, which indicates that you will soon have good luck and gain something.

I dreamed of selling milk, indicating that you will take off your career and achieve great results.

I dreamed that milk spilled on the ground, foreshadowing that you would be promoted.

I dreamed that milking the buffalo’s milk would inherit a large legacy.

A woman dreams of feeding her child milk, indicating family happiness and a happy life.

I dreamed of a lot of milk, which indicates a rich life and good health.

I dreamed of giving milk to others, saying that in order to pray for good luck, you are too kind to do things.

I dreamed of spilling milk, which means that you will suffer some loss, and because of your friend, you will suffer misfortune for a period of time, and feel very distressed.

I dreamed that the milk was not pure, indicating that trivial troubles would make you miserable.

I dreamed of sour milk, which expressed the pain and misfortune of your friends, and made you very disturbed.

I dreamed of trying to drink milk but couldn’t drink it. Foretells that you may lose something precious, or the friendship you cherish.

I dreamed of hot milk, foreshadowing hard work, but in the end you will live a rich and contented life.

I dreamed of taking a milk bath, expressing happiness with friends who were in love.