The Meaning of Thin in Dreams

Dreaming that I am thinner means that the family population is going to decrease.

I dreamt that my wife is thin and wants to have children.

Dreaming that the enemy is thin, will be attacked.

The prisoner dreamed that he was thin and was to be hanged.

Dreaming that my body is getting thinner means that the family will increase the population.

Dreaming that your body is getting thinner, indicating that your popularity is falling, there may be disputes with friends and family, and interpersonal relationships are weakened.

Dreaming that you are thin and tired, indicates that there is tremendous pressure on interpersonal relationships, perhaps the feelings of your friends around you are tired and weak.

Dreaming that you suddenly become skinny, indicating that you are likely to separate the flesh and blood, and even the parents passed away.

Dreaming about weight loss success indicates that you have a new relationship recently, and the chances of success are great.

I dreamed that my wife was getting thinner, indicating that my wife was pregnant or that my newborn was about to be born.

Dreaming that my husband is thin, heralds the birth of twins, and maybe even a baby.

Pregnant women dream of being thinner, indicating that the fetal position will change, and must be alert to the safety of themselves and the fetus.

Dreaming that the opponent is getting thinner, indicating that the opponent is stronger, be cautious and avoid being defeated by the opponent.

The teenager dreamed that he was eager to become thinner, indicating that he was hindered in his academic or life.

A businessman or an official dreams that he is getting thinner, indicating that there will be big fluctuations in the business of the business.

The old man dreams of getting thinner, indicating that his health is not very good, but there is no danger to his life.

Unmarried men and women dream of people getting thinner, indicating that love is stable, although there will be small contradictions, it will rationally deal with the problems of both sides, and the other feelings are stronger.