The meaning and symbol of compact car in dream

The meaning of the car dream, dreaming of the car has a realistic impact and response, but also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream car for you to organize below.

I dreamed of a car, expressing constant travel and constant change.

I dreamed of another car, which meant that the trip you had planned was about to start, but it was not sponsored by the party you originally thought of, but by the other party.

I dreamed of imagining the car, indicating that you want to develop your future, but you will be hit by frustration.

Dream dreamed that the car got out of the car, indicating that your funny ghost idea worked successfully.

I dreamed of lying in the car, indicating that you are working hard to accumulate wealth, in order to satisfy your selfish and wanton desires, and these desires should be mastered and controlled.

I dreamed of a streetcar, which means that someone is very interested in the troubles and anxieties that cause you evil.

I dreamed of riding a car, indicating that envy and hostility made you no longer happy.

I dreamed that when a streetcar passed by, you stood on the platform, indicating that you were trying to do something very dangerous; but if you successfully got on the car, you would be very successful. If the platform is high, your danger is obvious; if the platform is low. You can hardly achieve your goal.