The meaning and symbol of Headlights in dream

The meaning of headlight dreams. Dreaming of headlights has realistic effects and reactions, as well as subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming headlights for you to organize below.

Dream dreamed that the headlights on the front of the car came to hide from you, usually indicating that you will be in danger, reminding you that you must take measures to avoid accidents in your life or work.

I dreamed that the car was a symbol of wealth.

Staff dreamed that the car would be promoted.

A woman dreams of a car, her husband will get rich.

I dreamed of sitting in the car, indicating that you would have a good job, which is also enviable. If the car is in the dream at night, it means that you have secrets. If you dream of sitting with the opposite sex, you may have a scandal. And if you are a car driver, it means that your job is selling labor and has limited development prospects.

I dreamed that you drove a car. This is a symbol of wealth and charm. Men often get the favor of women. They have good sexual relations, while women have their own subconscious desire to be strong women.

I dreamed that the boat or car was broken and broken, which was an ominous sign.

I dreamed that the wheel was broken, indicating that the couple and the couple were parting.

I dreamed that the wheel was damaged, indicating that the fortune started to go downhill.

I dreamed that the car could not move, indicating that disaster was far away.

When Xun Meng saw driving around, she said that the official transportation was prosperous.

I dreamed that the car was flowing smoothly, expressing my wish.

I dreamed that the car could not start, indicating that life was not smooth.

I dreamed that the car rushed into the door, indicating that it was stagnant.

I dreamed of the patient getting on the bus, saying that he would face great danger.

I dreamed that the white horse was dragging the car, and a happy event came.

I dreamed that four horses were driving, indicating that the accident had turned into a murder.

I dreamed that using sheep to drive meant that things were unusual.

I dreamed that parking on the bridge or on the road was dangerous.

Xun dreamed that the patient was put in the car, indicating that his life was dying.

I dreamed that I was driving a car, and expressed a mental problem. This is caused by a tense emotional depression. Should choose a holiday and go hiking with a few good friends.