The meaning and symbol of bicycle in dream

The meaning of bicycle dreams, dreaming of bicycles. Bicycles have realistic effects and reactions, as well as subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming bicycles for you to organize below.

Bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that moves forward with its pedals. The appearance of a bicycle in a dream represents smoothness and hard work.

I dreamed that Mercedes was riding fast on a bicycle, indicating that things are going well for the dreamer now;

I dreamed of pushing the bicycle, indicating that the dreamer’s plan was progressing steadily;

Dreamed of the bicycle falling off the chain, implying that the dreamer will encounter small troubles at work;

Dreaming of a worn-out bicycle, indicating that the dreamer may be disgusted with his partner;

I dreamed of carrying a bicycle and reminded the dreamer not to do some useless work.

He also symbolizes his own body or mind.

Someone is jealous when he dreams of riding a bicycle with his girlfriend and classmates. This is a sex symbol. The two ride on the same car to express sex. I talked about a female student dreaming before: Mom and Dad were sent to a psychiatric hospital, and her sister sent them. Dad unlocked the bike and ran with mom and herself. In the dream, she used her parents to represent her boyfriend and herself, hoping to get rid of her sister’s constraints. In the dream, the father unlocked the bicycle, symbolizing that her boyfriend would break the ban on others’ body, that is, open her body bravely.

Another girl dreamed of riding a bicycle with her girlfriend. Her own bicycle was made of a soft object like glue. It would be soft after a while, and she had to get out of the car and fix it. But she didn’t envy her girlfriend in her heart. Analysis: This girl and her roommate in the same dormitory, namely Dream Chinese, once talked about her boyfriend’s love for other women. Friends said it was inevitable and she could control her jealousy. The dreamer said that she could not help but be jealous and could not bear it for a while. So the dream bike represents his emotions. Dreamers think that their emotions are unstable, but they deeply disagree with the roommates’ strict control of their emotions.