The meaning and symbol of tram in dream

The meaning of tram dreams, dreaming of trams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreams of trams organized below for you.

The tram is an urban vehicle without air pollution. Trams indicate a change of heart and the new energy needed for it. The dream of taking a tram to somewhere expresses the mood to start again with a new goal.

The tram in dreams sometimes symbolizes hazy love.

I dreamed that I was waiting for the tram, implying that you were waiting for a hazy relationship. Maybe you have a good feeling for someone, but you have just started dating.

I dreamed of sitting on the tram, foreshadowing that you will get the love you expect.

I dreamed that I was driving a tram, which means that you are full of confidence in this relationship and your life is full of hope. Dreaming that the tram broke down in the middle, suggesting that your relationship will be frustrated.

I dreamed that sitting on the trams running between the buildings, life would start to be busy, and would run around for entrusted things, without even time for rest.