The meaning and symbol of truck in dream

The meaning of the truck dream, dreaming of the truck has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream truck to help you organize the following.

The trucks in the dream often indicate that the business is booming, the business is smooth, and the situation is good. Dreaming of trucks moving in and out symbolizes prosperity and busy business.

I dreamed that the truck was full of goods, indicating that the dreamer was rich and rich. But a married woman dreaming of a truck full of things may also signal a crisis in marriage and be separated from her husband.

The staff member dreamed of the truck and might indicate that he would transfer work.

I dreamed of an empty car, suggesting that dreamers still need to work hard to have real gains and success. Businessmen have such a dream, indicating that the business is not profitable, expects to fail, and wants to lose money.

I dreamed that the truck was full of dissatisfied goods, suggesting that your desire is endless.

I dreamed that you were driving a truck full of cargo, indicating that you have a chance to make a fortune and obtain great gains.