The Meaning of baby, infant in Dreams

Dreaming of babies, on the one hand, may mean that your self is pure, natural, true nature, that is, the non-social aspect, or that it implies the fragile and eager to be loved in your own heart; on the other hand, it indicates your self. Development, life will be transshipped, new opportunities and good fortune, the previous hard work and return, start a new phase of life. For those who are married but have no children, dreaming of a baby may sometimes just mean expressing the desire of the child. For those who are parents, dreaming of suffocation or danger in babies usually indicates a strong concern for the child.

Generally speaking, if you dream of your child being born, you will be pregnant, or get rich, and have a good fortune.

Dreaming that I picked up the baby, indicating that the recent fortune is strong. But in the near future, try not to lend to others, otherwise there is a high possibility of going back.

Dreaming of beautiful and lovely babies indicates that you will have good luck.

Dreaming of a very ugly baby symbolizes that there may be people who trust and deceive you.

Dreaming of a newborn child will start walking upright, indicating your work performance, will be praised.

Dreaming of a sick baby means that you may be frustrated at work or in love.

If you dream of a child’s death or loss, it means that your troubles or worries will be eliminated, your mind will regain stability, and you will be on the right track.

Dreaming of a newborn baby in the urine, indicating that you may encounter unlucky things, or people you trust, will make you in an awkward situation.

I dreamt that a stranger would care for a baby, suggesting that you may have bad luck in the near future.