The meaning and symbol of Cocoa beans cocoa tree in dream

Cocoa beans The meaning of cocoa tree dreams, dreaming of cocoa beans Cocoa trees have realistic effects and reactions, as well as subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the cocoa tree dreaming cocoa beans for you to organize below.

Cocoa beans are a product of the cocoa tree. Cocoa tree is a tropical plant that grows only in hot climates. Cocoa beans contain more than 500 kinds of aromatic substances, and the melting point of cocoa is 35 to 37 ° C. The taste and mouthfeel are endless. The cocoa beans in the dream are utopian, indicating that all plans will fail.

I dreamed of cocoa beans and warned that your expectations would be missed because the sly enemy is disguised as an enthusiastic friend and is eating away at your rights.

Businessmen dream of cocoa beans, suggesting that you do not invest recently, otherwise the investment will fail.

Office workers dream of cocoa beans, suggesting that the recent work often can not be completed on time and on schedule, easily causing boss dissatisfaction.

I dreamed that the dead cocoa tree was a sign of loss and sorrow. Someone around you would die.

Job seekers dream of cocoa beans, indicating that they will encounter abnormal behavior during the interview, and job applications may fail.

Donkey friends dream of cocoa beans, indicating that they will encounter troubles during the trip, reminding you to be extra careful when going out, it is best to go out less during this time.