The Meaning of pulse in Dreams

Dreaming that the pulse is jumping very fast, indicating that there will be exciting good things.

Dreaming that the pulse is very slow, indicating that you may have disasters or sad things.

I dreamt that the doctor will give me a pulse, indicating that you will get sick, and you should pay more attention to your health in the near future.

I dreamed of being a doctor, giving others a pulse, indicating that I might change careers, or providing guidance and advice to others as an expert.

Dreaming of giving his wife a pulse indicates that there may be contradictions and quarrels between you, but after the dispute, the feelings will be more harmonious.

Dreaming of the enemy’s pulse, indicating that there will be friends in the dilemma to help you. (provided by Zhou Gong Jie Dream

The doctor dreamed that he gave himself a pulse, suggesting that the patient was reduced and his income was reduced.

A woman dreams of someone else giving her own pulse, indicating that she will encounter difficulties, her life is embarrassed, and her situation is difficult.

The patient dreamed that the doctor gave himself a pulse, indicating that the body is about to recover. However, if the patient dreams of giving himself a pulse, it indicates that the condition is difficult to heal in the near future.

Dreaming of the enemy to give yourself a pulse, be careful, indicating that you will be defeated by the enemy.