The meaning and symbol of Rice harvest in dream

The meaning of the dream of cutting rice. Dreaming of cutting rice has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of cutting rice for you.

I dreamed of rice, symbolizing prosperity.

I dreamed that you were cutting rice or wheat. It was a hint that you could not run out with a lover on a cloudy or rainy day, because this is an unlucky warning, and you may run into a traffic accident.

I dreamed of a good harvest of rice.

I dreamed of rice and good fortune, and lived without worries about eating and drinking.

Farmers dream that ripe rice will yield a good harvest.

Businessmen dream that mature rice will make a profit.

Indica rice is also a harvest, which is a manifestation of business success. Dreaming of harvesting rice is a sign of success.

I dreamed that when I harvested rice, I could look forward to the luck of male and female communication. But definitely avoid dating on a rainy day, because you are likely to encounter a traffic accident.

I dreamed that others were harvesting rice, indicating that you would share the joy of your friends’ success.

A married man dreams of harvesting rice and will give birth to a beautiful boy.

Businessmen dream of harvesting rice and opening a new business point to make a fortune.

I dreamed that strangers would harvest rice and be damaged.

I dreamed that the enemy was harvesting rice, which was an ominous sign. The enemy would cause obstacles to himself.

I dreamed of eating valley, Daji. Scholars dream of this, not Shidelu, has increased rank; ordinary people dream of this, there is surplus grain, there are savings; farmers dream of this, Tian He is ripe, the harvest is rich.

I dreamed that I was hitting the rice paddy, indicating that you would enjoy the joy of success.

I dreamed that the rice was burned or ruined, it reminds you to handle your property and business affairs carefully.