The meaning and symbol of food in dream

The meaning of food dreams, dreaming about the real effects and reactions of food, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dream foods organized below for you.

Food is a necessity for human survival, and symbolizes wealth and success.

I dreamed of all kinds of food, which means that life is comfortable and wealthy, happy.

Seeing a lot of food waiting to be harvested in Xun Meng indicates that your efforts will be richly rewarded and achieve gratifying success.

I dreamed that when the grain was piled up in the barn and the warehouse was full, it was a foretaste of a man’s wealth and prosperity in the future.

I dreamed that when the ground was strewn with food, there might be conflicts in the family. This dream reminds you to cherish, cherish everything you have earned, and cherish a harmonious life.

I dreamed that the grain was full of grain, which foreshadows a fortune and a rich harvest.

I dreamed of dried up food, suggesting that wealth was not as much as you expected.