The Meaning of eye in Dreams

Dreaming of a pair of big eyes staring at yourself, beware, may indicate that someone is looking for an opportunity to hurt you. Young people in love dream of such big eyes, but also indicate that there may be a rival and take away your lover.

Dreaming that a woman’s eyes are gleaming may indicate that there will be a squandering of the work, or that the result of the effort will be possessed by others.

Dreaming of red eyes, pay attention to good health, may get sick.

Dreaming that losing one eye means that the dreamer is in a certain dilemma;

The girl dreams of bloodshot eyes, and hints at the fear and expectation of sex in the subconscious.

Dreaming of stinging in my eyes indicates that life may be suffering.

I dreamed that my eyes were swollen, but it didn’t hurt, indicating that life is happy.

Dreaming that your eyes are stabbed, you need to be vigilant, you may be attacked by others, or you are eager for exciting sex.

Dreaming of bad eyes, be careful, don’t just focus on the immediate interests and finally suffer.

Dreaming of the eyes is particularly clear and clear, indicating that your goals are clear, and you must be successful when you seize the opportunity.

Dreaming of bleak eyes or closed eyes may indicate your inner anxiety or communication barriers.

Dreaming of the eyes shining, good things, indicating that you are investing in profit, it is possible to achieve gratifying results in the bond and stock market.

Dreaming of dust coming into the eyes, indicating that you might lose something or encounter a thief, be vigilant.

Dreaming of washing your eyes with water indicates that you will have progress in your relationship or have a clearer understanding of the situation. The dream of washing your eyes shows that there are any troubles that can be solved and made progress.

Dreaming that the eyelashes are getting longer will indicate that you may encounter something that makes you sad, and your heart is sad.

Dreaming of wearing glasses, good things, indicates that you will have small fortunes, such as unexpected gifts, or increased income.

Dreaming of blue eyes means that your will is weak and your body is weak.

Dreaming of gray eyes reminds you that you may encounter emotional scammers, be careful, be eloquent about others, don’t be too easy to believe.

Dreaming of a woman with heavy black eyeshadows indicates that you may suffer economic losses and pay attention to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Dreaming that others will look at themselves, reminding you to pay special attention to your health, may be seriously ill, or even incurable.

Dreaming of wearing glasses is a good omen in material terms.