The meaning and symbol of lettuce in dream

The meaning of the lettuce dream, dreaming that lettuce has a realistic impact and response, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream lettuce that is organized for you below.

I dreamed that lettuce was a sign of prosperity.

I dreamed of growing lettuce and encountered difficulties.

I dreamed of buying lettuce, and life would be smooth.

Dreaming of vegetables usually indicates that you will succeed.

I dreamed that there were many vegetables, which meant that life was comfortable and rich.

I dreamed of a variety of vegetables on the table, which may also indicate your recent desire for a healthy diet. Maybe you are a person longing for nature and yearning for a simple and healthy life; it is also possible that in real life, the eating environment with a lot of wine and meat makes you feel the need to improve your diet.

If you dream about an extremely rich variety of vegetables or seafood, you may also express your psychological worry about the current economic situation.

Xun Meng saw the supermarket or the grocery market to buy vegetables, indicating that in your career, you will win success through your own efforts.

I dreamed that you were chopping vegetables, suggesting that you should be careful to be deceived by friends and suffer financial losses.

I dreamed of turning over the dishes in the dinner plate and soiling my clothes, indicating that there would be twists and turns in love. There may be love rivals competing for your sweetheart.

I dreamed that I was going to grow vegetables, which indicated that on the road to a successful career, you must put in hard work and overcome many difficulties.

I dreamed that eating greens might make a difference with my friends and felt a little lonely in my heart.