The meaning and symbol of Withered flowers in dream

The girl dreamed that the flowers were withering, indicating that she might be ill.

The boy dreams that the flowers are dying, which means that there may be disaster for his wife and daughter. You must do your best to protect their safety.

I dreamed that the flowers in the garden were withered, indicating that you would be in trouble.

I dreamed that when someone destroyed the flowers, it was a sign of disaster.

I dreamed that when I received the withered and withered flowers, I hinted that I was hopeless, or reminded you that behind others’ good intentions, there are actually selfish or sinister intentions, which is disappointing.

I dreamed of picking withered flowers, which foreshadows that you may have a bad life and feel upset.

I dreamed that the flowers were withered and withered, or you discarded the flowers, and you might be telling you to be humble and prudent in dealing with people, not to be arrogant, or you might plant them.

I dreamed of the brightly blooming flowers on the original branches. You reached out to pick them, but they withered as soon as you reached your hands. Be careful. This may indicate that you may not achieve your wishes, or you may suffer financial loss.

I dreamed that the flower in my hand fell to the ground, reminding you to pay attention to your body, you may get seriously ill.

Dreaming about flowers being trampled or destroyed by someone, it is best to reduce going out and warn you that disaster may come and be careful not to be harmed.

I dreamed that all the flowers in her garden were withered. You must be careful, foretelling calamity.