Dream Case Study of Tomatoes

Good luck with tomatoes. The tomato symbolizes red luck.

I dreamed of tomatoes, indicating all good luck.

Unmarried man dreams of eating tomatoes, indicating that he will be in luck or will marry a beautiful and gentle wife.

Unmarried woman dreams of eating tomatoes, which indicates good health, or will marry a strong husband.

A married woman dreams that eating tomatoes means good health and a happy family.

A married man dreams of eating tomatoes, which indicates that dreamers will have good luck, and the family income will continue to increase.

I dreamed that eating tomatoes or vegetables with tomatoes, or tomato juice, etc., indicates that you will achieve success or sexual satisfaction.

I dreamed of selling tomatoes, indicating that you might be humiliated.

I dreamed of buying tomatoes, which foreshadows guests in your house.

The patient dreamed of eating tomatoes, which indicated that he would soon recover.

I dreamed of eating rotten tomatoes, which foreshadows bad accidents, so beware of bad luck.

I dreamed of ketchup, indicating that you will have a very attractive friend.

I dreamed of green tomatoes, indicating that the dreamer will be uncomfortable, so be careful.