A case study of dreaming of chicken biting

Dreaming of chicken biting, auspicious, life will be happy.

Dreaming that the chicken bites himself, there will be good news coming.

Dreaming of chicken biting others, interpersonal relationships will deal with harmony.

I dreamed that the chicken would bite and bleed, and there would be good news.

Young people dream of being bitten by chickens, indicating that the body is healthy, the heart is still the focus of attention, and the emotions are easy to excite and pay attention to control. In addition, the spine is prone to discomfort, pay attention to maintaining a good sitting posture, and do not maintain a posture for too long.

The single nobles dreamed of being bitten by chickens, indicating that the relationship was more stable, and the couples paid attention to the practical problems such as rice and oil. Have the opportunity to accept the gift of the opposite sex, the material condition of the opposite sex can give you a sense of security.

Dreaming of cock biting means hoping to profit from personal abilities and technology.